Market News No Need To Panic About Rising Interest Rates   This article originally appeared on    After seven years of some of the lowest interest rates in recorded history, the Federal Reserve has decided to raise the key Fed Funds Rate by 0.25 percent, which is causing some to be concerned that it will lead to a jump in mortgage rates and negatively impact […]
Market News No national bubble in sight, but there are some frothy markets   This article originally appeared on  Earlier this year, I wrote an article called “No housing bubble in sight — for now” in which I shared my belief that the nation, as a whole, is not currently at risk of seeing another housing bubble. However, I did qualify that statement by saying that I was noticing some “frothy” […]
Market News Local Market Update – November 2015 The hot real estate market shows little sign of slowing down. Home prices continued to move upward. With the number of pending sales exceeding the number of new listings, the supply of homes is falling well short of demand. The inventory of homes in the Puget Sound area is 23 percent less than a year […]
Market News Know Before You Owe: Making the Mortgage Process Easier for You This is a great piece from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Learn about the new federal changes enacted this month that add tons of transparency to the mortage loan disclosure process! As always, your comments are welcome!
Buying Your Top Rated Real Estate Agent in Bellevue I'm here for you! It is an honor to be awarded as a top rated real estate agent in Bellevue. I always strive to be the best resource for my clients as I help them navigate the buying or selling process. Everything I do for my clients is about making your real estate dreams happen. Denni […]
Buying What You Need to Know about Real Estate Appraisals   Appraised value vs. market value Appraisals are designed to protect buyers, sellers, and lending institutions. They provide a reliable, independent valuation of a tract of land and the structure on it, whether it’s a house or a skyscraper. Below, you will find information about the appraisal process, what goes into them, their benefits and […]
Market News Local Market Update – October 2015 Strong sales continue to whittle down a dwindling supply of homes. The lack of supply to meet demand kept driving home prices upward in September. While the Puget Sound area saw steady appreciation over a year ago, there are signs that that the frenzied level of growth may be starting to moderate – good news […]
Market News 3 Quick Maintenance Tips To Make Your Roof Last ​​Your roof is one of the most important assets of your home. Here are some tips to help maintain it. This article originally appeared on A brand-new roof is a massive investment, but no other element of your home is quite as valuable. While the average lifespan of a roof is about 15 years, […]
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Market News Local Market Update – September 2015 The real estate market traditionally cools off in the summer, but August saw a continuation of the market’s hot streak. Home prices increased by double digits over a year ago, fueled by strong demand and the lowest inventory in more than a decade. Rising prices are kindling hopes that more sellers will be willing to […]
Market News Will millennials be ‘perma-renters’? Below is an article by Windermere's chief economist Matthew Gardner that originally appeared on He discusses millennials and the several factors have kept this generation renting, but they won't last forever. Takeaways: Many believe that millennials will continue to be renters and not homeowners for various reasons. The first of the millennials were not […]
Market News How Long Should They Last? Nothing in life lasts forever – and the same can be said for your home. From the roof to the furnace, every component of your home has a life span, so it’s a good idea to know approximately how many years of service you can expect from them. This information can help when buying or […]
Market News Homeownership Has Declined, But It Won’t Be Forever Below is an article from Windermere's Chief Economist Matthew Gardner. He shares his views of the declining homeownership, and why he believes it won't be a lasting trend. In addition to talking about housing bubbles, another topic that is becoming popular among housing scaremongers is the ongoing decline in the U.S. homeownership rate. Remarks range […]
Market News Local Market Update – July 2015 The housing market last month heated up significantly. Along with temperatures, the housing market sizzled in June. Continued low inventory coupled with ever-increasing demand pushed home prices in King County to an all-time high. The multiple offers and escalation clauses that have now become common make it a very hot market for sellers. Home prices […]